Rolfing® is a proven healing art for artists, athletes—
and anyone—experiencing physical pain

As an athlete or a performing artist you seek excellence.

But while athletic and artistic vision have no limits, our bodies do. How can you extend your physical limits without pain? Or, if you suffer from an injury, quickly heal and expand your range of movement to improve performance? Through the Rolfing® artistry of Chuck Carpenter at Hells Kitchen Rolfing, you can enjoy a new level of well-being and physical freedom throughout your body.

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Your body is the

medium of your art.

But only Rolfing® can help you tune, and heal, the medium of your body. “Control at the center with freedom at the extremities.” That was the goal of Francois Delsarte, the renowned 19th century dramatic teacher who stressed the importance of balance and centeredness. In 200 years, that principle has not changed. What has changed, however, what is new, are the incredible results you can experience through Rolfing. Are there moves you can’t make? Notes you can’t reach? Roles you can’t completely step into? Chuck Carpenter can help you tune and heal your entire body or any areas that may be causing you pain or discomfort by helping you reclaim your body’s natural structure.

Staying in shape
takes conditioning.

Playing at your very best takes Rolfing®. Unlike any other healing modality or bodywork, Rolfing works at the deepest levels of your body’s structure to repair and re-align tissue. The results are manifold. More freedom of movement. More coordination. More energy. A greater sense of bodily ease. Faster recovery time.  All of which will contribute to making your best, better. And keep you playing healthier and longer. Whether you are an NBA star or a weekend warrior, you can experience a new level of athletic performance through the Rolfing artistry of Chuck Carpenter.

Rolfing® is
a journey to


It’s the Rolfer’s job to help you get there. A Rolfing session with Chuck starts the moment you walk into his studio. Because every move you make reveals deeper, underlying structural issues that contribute to your present condition. As a Rolfer, the challenge is to discern differences in tone, structure and movement, and then precisely adjust the pace and depth of treatment so you experience maximum results with minimum discomfort. For many people, the journey to optimum movement is emotionally transformative. While that is not the expressed goal of Rolfing, it is often an outcome. When discomfort or pain is completely alleviated, new and wonderful possibilities emerge along with the capacity to live them. Many clients feel decades younger from the experience. You can get there, too. Schedule a Rolfing NYC or NJ session now and experience the physical freedom Rolfing can bring.




The refined skills
of an elite athlete

or performing
artist require years
of practice and determination.

So it is with Rolfing®.

Rolfers are called upon to determine subtle and complex conditions based merely on their ability to feel the story of your body beneath its skin. A thorough understanding of anatomy, physiology and kinesthesiology is fundamental to Rolfing. The health and position of bone and nerves. The tone of muscles. The pulse of veins and arteries. The pervading effects of connective tissue, or fascia, which girds and protects your entire system. All this is required learning.

Chuck Carpenter, a Certified Advanced Rolfer®, has been practicing and teaching Rolfing for over 20 years.  As a “Second-Generation Rolfer,” Chuck’s instructors were hand picked by Ida Rolf herself. Rolfers and bodyworkers like Jan Sultan, Tom Meyers, Emmett Hutchins, Jim Asher and Jeffrey Maitlan were all important teachers in Chuck’s development. Chuck follows closely the seminal knowledge Ida Rolf strove to teach and preserve at The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration in Boulder, CO, which she founded in 1971, and where Chuck served as an Assistant Instructor. As part of his professional training, Chuck traveled to Europe to study Visceral Manipulation with Jean-Pierre Barral. He also studied Cranial Sacral Therapy at both the Upledger Institute and the Colorado Cranial Institute. And he has served as Co-Director of The School of Integrative Therapies, where he led the Structural Integration Certification Program.


You do not have to be a star of stage or screen, or throw a fastball at 100 MPH, to see Chuck. Whatever your talents, they are sure to improve through his Rolfing artistry. To schedule a Rolfing session with Chuck, please use the contact form, or call 212-307-5367.

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Live, dance, play and extend

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