Taking Rolfing® on the road—
a healing mission.

Since it’s development over 60 years
ago, Rolfers have established
practices on nearly every continent.

However, there are many parts of the world that still haven’t felt the benefits of this proven healing technique. To reach out to these less traveled parts, Chuck has begun bringing his work outside the U.S. to individuals seeking treatment, and to physicians and body-workers who are interested in learning more about basic Rolfing techniques.


Having been a successful Rolfer and educator with a full practice for over 25 years, as well as having taught at the Rolf Institute and his own state-certified school, Chuck is constantly looking for ways to educate both health professionals and those who are seeking relief. Countries with healthcare systems that are still in a developmental phase, and thus not constrained by corporate interests, may find Rolfing incredibly valuable in treating severe structural conditions. Many physical problems can be prevented by the minimally invasive technique of Rolfing, saving its citizens from pain, suffering and financial debt (both public and private) that often accompanies more aggressive methods, or treatments that encourage the needless consumption of medication.


Thanks to the efforts of early Rolfers who struggled to pave the way, Chuck is fortunate to be able to continue their mission. More countries previously unfamiliar with Rolfing are recognizing its efficacy and potential contribution to their national healthcare. Please contact Chuck to find out more about his international work, and how he can bring healing and education to your group or organization anywhere in the world.


Ersilia and Martina, my two wonderful Croatian hosts, first visited my New York office in 2012. They were experiencing physical issues and found no relief from the therapies available back home. Rolfing brought them the health and healing they were seeking. They asked me if I would travel to Croatia, so that I could bring my work to their friends and family, as well as introduce Rolfing to other healthcare providers. I gladly said, “Yes.” I could see they were very special people.


Ersilia was changing careers, from being a member of the official Croatian ballet company, to becoming a talented Pilates instructor. And Martina, who had reached an unprecedented level of success at a young age as a baker and as an entrepreneur, had opened shops throughout her native Croatia and Bosnia.


Several impressive things I learned about Croatia are that its citizens enjoy complete and free healthcare, along with free and total education for their children, unburdening their lives with costly tuition debt. It’s one of the reasons Ersilia and Martina are proud of their country. My work in Croatia gave me a glimpse of what can be achieved when you have a progressive population.


I’ll be returning to Croatia in the future. Please email me if you would like to know my schedule. I will be offering individual treatment, and teaching introductory classes for healthcare workers, with the hope that they will seek further training at the Rolf Institute, so that this knowledge may spread more rapidly in Croatia.


My trip to Higuey — a small, disadvantaged village in the Dominican Republic — shows how people can achieve a new level of health and healing they didn't imagine possible, through the touch and technique of Rolfing.


Yaris, my very gracious 22-year-old host, is a highly sought after model. When we first met, she was experiencing intense pain brought about by a severe scoliosis that was affecting her life and career. As we moved through her series of 10 Rolfing sessions, she found enormous relief.


A deeply compassionate person, Yaris shows how much good one can quickly achieve in one's life when they have a mission. She founded Proteina, a non-profit, with the goal of providing training in massage and cosmetology to women in poverty, so that they could find employment among the many tourists who visit yearly. When Yaris put in motion a plan to introduce Rolfing to her country to inspire interest, as well bring relief to as many people as possible in the time available, I was glad to participate.


Yaris’ press conferences announcing my visit drew a large turnout. For ten days a bus filled with young and old seeking relief from everything from arthritis to scoliosis pulled up to Yaris's family home. While I was in a crunch to resolve some very complex health issues, we were amazed at what can be done in so little time.